Forum Rules

This is a "G" rated "family" forum, so please keep this in mind when choosing the subject matter of your post, as well as the language you choose. Additional specific rules are as follows:

TexasCHLforum Rules:

1. No profanity, pseudo-profanity, or abbreviated profanity. If you are in doubt about a word, don't use it. Any profanity substitute that gets the profane message across is prohibited!

2. No personal attacks on other members - NONE! We can be respectful even in disagreement. If you're talking about the person rather than the issue, then the post will be deleted.

3. No racial or ethnic slurs. Descriptions of persons in actual events are fine, so long as it doesn't constitute stereotyping.

4. No posting of messages promoting illegal conduct.

5. Posts with racist, anarchist, or antisocial comments or content are not allowed and links to sites with such content are not allowed.

6. Porn, nudity, and sex-related material and links are forbidden.

7. Except as set forth herein, only firearms and firearms-related items can be posted for sale in the Market section. Offers to trade non-firearms or firearms-related items for guns is fine. Long term Members (150 posts) can post one item per month that does not directly relate to firearms or ammo. This provision is being added to allow Members to post occasional items that would otherwise be offered in Craig's List with the accompanying security concerns.

8. Sexually suggestive or provocative posts or images are forbidden..

9. Blatant, global, or rampant law enforcement bashing is prohibited. Discussions of specific identifiable events presented factually are fine, but only as long as they have legitimate educational value. Posts made solely to show law enforcement in a negative light are prohibited.

10. Do not hijack threads. If a post gives you an idea for a new or different discussion, start a new thread.

11. Off-topic posts/threads: Since they tend to cause the most problems for other boards, our "off-topic" sub-forum is not an "anything goes" area. Absolutely no discussions of immigration/border security, abortion, race matters, or any other hot-button political issues. (Gun-related political issues can be discussed in the Gun and/or Self-Defense Related Political Issues forum.)

Religion or theology may only be discussed in the context of threats or criminal acts committed in the name of a religion, and in thoughtful responses to those threats and acts.

12. Signature lines:1) Signature lines are limited to 4 lines. Photos in signature lines 2) Photos in the signature line can be no larger that 128 x 256. If you would like to keep the same image ratio as the original, it is acceptable to make it 128 pixels high with an appropriate width not exceeding 384 pixels. No animated .gif's in signature lines or avatars.

TexasCHLforum is non-commercial!! With limited exceptions set out below in Rules 13, 14 & 18, do not advertise your business.
13. Posting items for sale/trade in the Market Section Except for the FFL subsection, the Market is intended solely for participating members (posts, not money) of for occasional sales. It was created as a courtesy to, and for the convenience of, our members, not as an open forum for marketing. Members must reach "Member" status, i.e. 45 posts, before posting anything for sale in the Market Section. (The transition from "Junior Member" to "Member" is done automatically.) The posts must be meaningful, and not made over a short period of time in an obvious effort to run-up the post count. If the majority of a Member's posts are in the market sections, they will be blocked from posting items for sale. Further, "for sale" posts cannot have a link to an auction website or any other website and all posts must list an asking price. All purchasers are strongly encouraged to get the full name, address and telephone number of a seller before purchasing an item and to verify that information. Refusal to provide that information to a purchaser will result in the seller being barred from posting items for sale. If your signature line or the post contains a link to your website or any commercial website, a backlink to must be included in the linked site.

To avoid "for sale' threads from becoming stale, all threads will be locked and moved to the Closed section one month after the first post. Sellers, please edit the subject line to add "CLOSED" if the item is sold or withdrawn.

14. Posting classes in the Instructors, Classes & Training section. All posts in the Instructors, Classes & Training section must meet the requirements of Forum Rule 13. Post only one class at a time. If you have a website, you must post a link to the

15. Cheesecake/beefcake threads and posts are not allowed here. If you want to look at or post pictures of scantily-clad women (or men) please do so elsewhere. This isn't the place for it.

16. Avatars are allowed but they are subject to all of the Forum Rules. If it wouldn't be allowed as a photo in a post, or if it sends a message that would violate forum rules, then it is not appropriate as an avatar. No commercial logos can be used as an avatar. The default size limit is 80X80 and a maximum file size of 6144 kb." onclick=";return false; is one of numerous websites that allow you to create an avatar from an exiting photo.

17. Links to prohibited. has a number of videos that would be appropriate for posting on TexasCHLforum. Unfortunately, it also has advertising/links to porn sites on most if not all of its video. Therefore, links to are prohibited.

18. Business logos and use of business names as user names are prohibited Do not use a logo in signature lines, as an avatar, or in the body of posts. (Logos can be included in the body of a post, if it is germane to the subject matter of a post that is not commercial in nature.) This rule does not prohibit placing a link to your business website in your signature line once you have 45 meaningful posts, but such links must be in default font size. At no point can you use your business name as your username.

19. Posting material from other sources - When quoting material from other websites or sources, the following rules apply:
  • a. Give credit to the author and publication either at the beginning of the quote, or at the end. When the format allows, put the title of the article at the beginning;
    b. Do not post the entire article, post no more than 200 words or 10% of the article, whichever is less;
    c. Enclose the material in quotation marks or use italic font to clearly identify the material as a quote;Pld. Include a link to the website that contains the material or, if the material is not from a website, fully identify the source including the author.
20. Temporary or disposable email addresses & Spoofed IP Addresses. It is necessary to use legitimate email addresses. Most disposable or temporary email domains have been put on the banned list and others will be added as they are identified. Using so-called private proxy servers to spoof an IP address for registration or posting is also prohibited.

21. Posting of Private Messages on open forum prohibited: Do not post the contents of a PM received from a Member, Moderator or Administrator anywhere on the Forum without prior written permission via PM.