Finished my LTC Instructor class

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Finished my LTC Instructor class


Post by Paladin »

Twenty years ago when I first got interested in having a CHL and got my carry license I never would have imagined becoming an instructor. I've learned a lot the years since. One thing I learned is that there is currently a tremendous need for quality firearms instruction. Sharing knowledge about firearms safety and legitimate self defense is a true public service.

I've been teaching for a while now, but at first I was apprehensive about the LTC Instructor class. I've spent a lot of time in military training and used DPS facilities before. Wondered if this would be more of the same. In the end the LTC Instructor class wasn't like military training at all. Was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the DPS Tactical Training Facility and the good humor and professionalism of the instructors. My hats off to all the state troopers for all their work to put on a class for us! Great job guys!!! :tiphat:

Got back from class Friday and received an email today making me officially authorized to teach LTC!!!

BTW, is there a secret LTC Instructor handshake? Just PM me if you can't post it openly! :biggrinjester:
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Re: Finished my LTC Instructor class


Post by Tex1961 »

Welcome to the club.
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Re: Finished my LTC Instructor class


Post by AF-Odin »

Congrats and welcome Paladin. I really enjoy teaching and the more I work to ensure I am giving my students the best education I can, the MORE I LEARN. Hope you don't expect to get rich :thumbs2:

Concur on the absolute professionals from DPS that teach this course.
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