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J-Frame Challenge

Postby solaritx » Wed Jan 04, 2012 2:07 pm

For something new and a little bit different West Houston IDPA is having a J-Frame Challenge.

What is it? It is a bit of fun. Several of us have and often carry those J-Frame 5 shot revolvers. We put them to use in the BUG matches but just how good are we with them???

The J-Frame Challenge is a bunch of guys getting together to pit their skills against one another during a regular IDPA Wed night match (typically 50-60 scored rounds) using 3 reloaders and their J-Frame 5 shot weapon to solve the scenario. Because most to not have holsters, we start each CoF from the low ready (or on table, in box, etc if CoF indicates).

Saw something on one of the other forums about "how many rounds do you shoot a year through your J-Frame" and got me thinking. I use mine in the BUG matches but how would I do in a regular bunch of scenarios. Well.....Jan 11th at the IMPACT ZONE Wed night match......me and a bunch of other guys (and hopefully a few ladies as well) will find out. No change in scenarios for us, just shoot the regular match.....steel, swingers, 35 yd shots or whatever the MD comes up with....kind of like real life :anamatedbanana

Think about it....maybe it something your club and friends might want to try one night or match.

Garry Newton

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