Enforceability of mask requirements

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Re: Enforceability of mask requirements


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And just for a little perspective, on the panic porn, spouted by the left, and MSM (redundant I know)

https://redstate.com/stu-in-sd/2021/04/ ... us-n356303
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Re: Enforceability of mask requirements


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LucasMcCain wrote: Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:27 am I caught the Kung Flu from a guy at my work, as did three other people. He came down with it first, and then the other four of us all came down with it on the same day. We have all been wearing surgical masks and distancing since this started. We don't even have to work close to each other much. Masks don't do anything.

If that's too anecdotal for you, and you still think they work, I have another question. I've had the virus now, and the current science says I am immune for at least another 6 months; possible for years. Why do I have to keep wearing the stupid thing? Millions of people have now been vaccinated and are no longer at risk. Why do they have to keep wearing the stupid things?

Let people who are concerned wear the mask. Let people who are not concerned not wear them. Same as a gun. This has gone on long enough.
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