IN: House passes a constitutional carry-like bill.

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IN: House passes a constitutional carry-like bill.


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Still has to make it through the Indiana Senate. I don't know what their Governor thinks about it, but apparently that doesn't matter much. House and Senate can overturn Governor veto with simple majority votes, rather than requiring 2/3s.

I believe this is a link to the final House version of House Bill 1369: ... t-942deff2

Indiana currently has two versions of a shall-issue license to carry handgun (LTCH), a five year, and a lifetime (interestingly the five year version is not eligible to dodge the 4473 background check - I think because it doesn't do a NICS check or something like that). There is also a non-resident LTCH, at least a 5 year version, dunno about a lifetime version.

As I understand the bill, current LTCHs will continue to be valid, but applications for them will not be accepted after 01JUL21, so once those apps are processed no more LTCHs will be issued. Effective 30MAR22, a license will not be required to carry a handgun in the State of Indiana as long as you are 18 or over and not otherwise a prohibited person.

However, a new license is being authorized effective that same date called the "reciprocity license." It is expressly intended for Indiana residents who wish to carry in another state that does require licenses and recognizes Indiana licenses. It appears to me it has exactly the same requirements as the current Indiana LTCH, and it also comes in 5 year and lifetime versions. The 5 year version has no fee, and the lifetime one does, but I forgot what it is. Non-residents of Indiana can also get the reciprocity license if they have a business or employment in the State of Indiana.
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