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by RockingRook
Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:52 am
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Topic: 2012 Presidential Election
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Re: 2012 Presidential Election

I am coming into this discussion late but it sounds interesting the little I read here. I have a question. Will Libya become Obama's
Vietnam? What the hell are we doing there besides spending money and helping to protect oil bound for the EU?

When France and Germany asked us to give assistance in Libya they really meant would the US carry the load? We should have told
the EU that we would assist them if the paid the cost for our expenditures. That's right pay the US for our Cruise missiles, our time and
all expenses. It is about time Europe take a stance without the assistance of the US to protect their own interests.

They are quick to condemn the US at every turn.

I also hope the GOP has a candidate to beat Obama in 2012. Personally I would vote for Mickey Mouse if he ran against Obama. Our country
is being destroyed by his administration.

What are we still doing in Afghanistan? Spending money and losing lives for no good purpose.

Whoever said in previous posts that when we commit our military it should be final and decisive. Our Generals should take charge and not our
Congressmen and Senators. Our military should be "turned loose" and do their job and return home. No to nation building
or helping anyone change to a Democracy. It never works!!

The US should through the UN out of the US and use that space for something constructive. It would also ave us a lot of $$$.

We should opt out of NATO as well. Another worthless org. that has bled the US for years without even a "Thank you."

I hope we take back our country in 2012 but I will not hold my breath.

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