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by v-rog
Fri Nov 25, 2011 12:14 pm
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Topic: Black-Friday Bummer..
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Re: Black-Friday Bummer..

Can you provide the source of your statement concerning the president? Thanks.

johnson0317 wrote:
snatchel wrote:
glbedd53 wrote:You sound like one of those people Barak warned us about. All that clingin and stuff.

:confused5 I dont get it.. LoL.
Our President feels that people like us are bible thumping simpletons. We cling to our bibles and to our guns beecause we is the underedumacated igknowramuses. It is the only possible explanation as to why we would want to own a gun. Of course, if I was surrounded by Secret Service, or other protecton agents, 24/7, then maybe I would not understand it either. Many of these big shots who are virulently anti-gun tend to employ those individuals who carry guns to protect their sweet selves.


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