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by jimlongley
Wed May 08, 2013 11:01 am
Forum: 2013 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: Update: Support HB972 - debate tomorrow (5/14)
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Re: Support HB972 - not a dud!

terryg wrote:Or at least not a complete dud.

This is mentioned in this thread. But given the significance of the discovery, I thought it warranted a new thread as a call to support.

Many have disparaged HB972 (including me) because the opt-out clause leaves it somewhat toothless. But it does do something significant in that it removes criminal penalties for those who would carry on campus. The opt-out provision allows the university to "adopt administrative rules and regulations". So a university employee carrying at work would risk termination but not criminal charges just like employees at other businesses. I suspect students similarly would risk expulsion.

baldeagle points out the 30.06 postings would still apply.
Back a long time ago we used to use the term "Positive negative report" to indicate that a report of a negative result was as necessary as that of a positive report. I would suggest that this law changes the "automatic" exclusion to a "positive negative" exclusion, that is, the individual schools have to positively opt to exclude CHL holders on campus. This leaves open a chance, admittedly small, that the administration of the school could be fought against if they decided to take the option.

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