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by LSL
Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:42 pm
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Topic: Carrying the LCP, P238, G33, and the 1911...
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Re: Carrying the LCP, P238, G33, and the 1911...

RubenZ wrote:I switch between a LCP and a Full Size 1911. Weather just hasn't gotten cool enough for me to use 1911. The LCP is awesome imo. I wear when riding a bike, wearing shorts and sandals and going to local dollar store etc. etc. I would like to get something in between though to wear on my more casual days. The 1911 I can almost conceal with a IWB and shirt tucked out but it still prints up a TAD. I think something in between LCP and 1911 would hit the spot. Just don't know to get yet.
Consider the SPG XDM 3.8 in choice of caliber -- 9mm, .40 or soon to arrive, .45.
My primary is an LC9, but the XDM will nicely fit IWB with the shorter magazine under a vest or jacket.

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