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by ScooterSissy
Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:19 am
Forum: 2015 Legislative Session
Topic: The thread where we thank Mr. Cotton
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Re: The thread where we thank Mr. Cotton

Scott Farkus wrote:...
One day I'd love to hear the juicy behind the scenes details - the "rest of the story", as they say. But today, I simply say, thank you. :tiphat:

A final thought. I understand your disappointment that HB308 once again did not make it to the floor. I agree with you that it will be a far greater victory for carry rights when it finally passes. But it was hugely symbolic to get OC done, and by finally getting that elephant out of the room, I am firmly convinced that the chances for HB308 next session just got a whole lot better, if not inevitable. I hope others will follow me in committing our assistance to getting this done in 2017.
I agree completely on both points. That's again Mr Cotton!!

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