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by MustangGlocker
Tue May 17, 2016 12:30 pm
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Topic: tu Officer mysterious discharge
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Re: tu Officer mysterious discharge

ScottDLS wrote:
Texsquatch wrote: ... as-campus/

I call this mysterious because I don't know how the gun just woke up and decided to fire while holstered.

-Didn't say he touched it, just that he was talking and it fired inside the holster. Maybe it jiggled loose a bit and he rested his arm on it causing it to fire. But what mysterious action caused it to go off on its own?

-The other mystery? The response that these they can happen from time to time while cleaning. Makes it sound like a normal thing.

Would like to know what he was carrying, might explain a lot. But I don't like how the statements elude to this being an inherent by product of carrying a handgun.
Must have been a Glock... :biggrinjester: Let the flame wars begin... :mad5

AD = Accidental Discharge
ND = Negligent Discharge
MD = Mysterious Discharge :yawn

Very well could have been a Glock in a Serpa. We all know about Glocks and Serpas. I found UT PD policy for weapons and they do carry Glocks in either Safariland II/III or Serpa Level III. Granted, this was from 2011 so unknown if it's been updated due to the increase of issues with Serpas. ... nition.pdf

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