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by stevie_d_64
Thu Feb 02, 2006 3:47 pm
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Topic: Welcome to the funny spot on your dial!
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carlson1 wrote:I guess because I can't work in LE any longer and all I can do is reminisce about the good old days I will start this thing off. In the early 80's we shared a patrol car with our partner. We had partners for 3 days a week and then the other days we kept the car at our house and was by our self. Me and my partner had a good relationship and we were friends. It was a constant play time. We were only in our late 20's. I had delievered the car to his house one night and I had turned all of the gear as loud as it would go so when he started the car at 5:00AM he would get the surprise of his life. I thought it was great. Well I expected something when I got the car back on my days. I walked the car over could not find anything. Our Sgt came up from Canton to ride with me for an evaluation day and we got in the car, started it, turned the air condition on and my partner had sprayed all of the air vents with mace. At the time not funny. But later we laughed for two weeks because he had a two week non paid vacation. Sgt did not laugh :razz:
I used "fart spray" (Spencer's at Baybrook Mall) in the A/C in my VFD's first-out engine company...

I had issues back then...And my solutions were fairly creative...

They are still probably wondering who did that... :lol:

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