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by stroo
Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:44 pm
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Topic: ‘But, Kavanaugh!’ NeverTrump’s Awakening
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Re: ‘But, Kavanaugh!’ NeverTrump’s Awakening

I almost didn't vote for Trump because I didn't believe he really was a conservative, he absolutely slandered all of his Republican opponents with the most evil and nasty language, he is a liar and he is/was a womanizer. I also didn't agree with his views on trade or on Afganistan and Iraq. I did vote for him in the end because he wasn't Hillary and on almost every issue I had more hope for him than I had for Hillary. And we have had plenty of Presidents, mostly Democrats, who were womanizers and almost every President (and most politicians) has been a liar to one degree or another.

Having said that, I am now almost ecstatic that I voted for him. His judicial picks both at the Supreme Court and lower courts have been the most consistently of the originalist and textualist school of any President in my memory including all the Republican Presidents in the last 60 years. He has acted pro-life where he could. His attack on regulations is wonderful and much needed. The tax cuts are good. Even his renegotiation of trade agreements, which I didn't think wise, has so far worked out pretty well. On foreign affairs, he has upset the Europeans, which I kind of like; he has supported Israel; he has been tough on Russia and Iran; and he has worked with the Arab countries. I also like his willingness to talk to any nation's leader although there are times I wish he would dial down the superlatives. And he is one of the few politicians that I can remember who has actually kept his campaign promises once in office!

Most of all I like that he fights back!

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