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by ET-Ret
Sat Mar 17, 2018 7:06 pm
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Topic: Fat Guy Carry...
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Re: Fat Guy Carry...

I wear suspenders and don't use a belt wear loose clothes and carry a LCP in my left pocket
From a draw I have a 10 yard target with 6 380hp holes you can cover with a teacup.
Sometime its prints a little but I have never heard anyone comment. I am running over 300# and as old as I am most would not supect
I am carrying. I have a fond experience in my youth of putting on a Sam brown rig with a S&W 6.5 " model 29 loaded walking across a farmers field
about a 1/4 mi and ready to part with that rig. I wish I could have it back I sold it and it would be worth about $2500 buck today. (1960)

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