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by K.Mooneyham
Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:09 am
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Topic: Killer clown prankster gets punched & gun drawn on him
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Re: Killer clown prankster gets punched & gun drawn on him

VMI77 wrote:Color me skeptical. I was a little skeptical about the guy with a gun when I saw the lights of the big city in the background. My willing suspension of disbelief was completely shattered when I saw the NYPD vehicle. Yeah, right, this happened in NYC. This is staged from beginning to end. Otherwise, there are three possibilities: 1) the guy is an off duty which case he wouldn't have just walked away and he would have identified himself as police; 2) he's one of the 17 people in NYC with who can legally CC...making him either Robert Di Niro, a Bloomberg crony, or politician (and he doesn't look rich enough to be a Bloomberg crony or sleazy enough to be a politician); or 3), he's a which case he would have shot them. Ok, yeah, he could be carrying illegally....but then where's the manhunt?
I thought about some of that stuff. But I guarantee you that the NYPD doesn't have enough officers to follow every lead they get on someone with an "illegal" gun. And with as many people as there are in that city, someone could high-tail it to a subway, get on the train, and impossible to find them if they don't do anything else to attract attention.

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