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by K.Mooneyham
Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:03 pm
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Topic: Interesting gun bills filed for 2019 session
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Re: Interesting gun bills filed for 2019 session

I don't think the bill declaring Texas-made and owned firearms not being subject to Federal jurisdiction will pass muster, especially in light of what has happened in other states. However, the other bill about not aiding the Feds regarding gun laws, not in conjunction with another crime, might. After all, can the Feds COMPEL assistance from state, county, or municipal law enforcement? In a similar vein, there is the situation that the State of New York found itself in when the so-called "SAFE Act" was passed up there. The bulk of NY State Sheriffs came together and stated that they wouldn't waste any resources enforcing the provisions of that law not in conjunction with some other crime. Maybe one of our properly-schooled folks, and I know we have a few of them here, can give their take on this.

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