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by texasguy524
Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:05 pm
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Topic: Military guy trying to get a CHL
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Military guy trying to get a CHL

I've already put in my online application, I've got a copy of my M9 expert marksman certifications, and I have been fingerprinted/got passport photos... but I've come to a wall.

Here's the story. I'm a Texas resident as I was a resident before entering the Air Force. I'm currently stationed at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, but I'm trying to get my CHL from Texas. Oklahoma has reciprocity, so it's no big deal. But all that's left for me to submit is my CHL-100 and my CHL-6 form. The -6 form is easy.. so really, it's just the CHL-100. Here's the Q&A portion

1) What all do I have to do as active duty military to get my CHL?
2) Are there any hidden benefits that I'm missing out on aside from the state fees being waved?
3) Is it possible for me to take the CHL-100 class here in Oklahoma City to have it count?
4) Worst case scenario, if I have to go back to Dallas (where I'm from) to take the class, what's the best place/deal for me (i.e. Military Discounts)?

Thanks for any/all help.

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