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by Grillmark55
Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:44 am
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Topic: Hog hunting questions
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Re: Hog hunting questions

The Annoyed Man wrote:
The Marshal wrote:Is the .223 too light to shoot the hogs with? Would I be better served using my SKS?
I have an opportunity to go on a friends land, and wondering what to bring...
No blood, but a dead animal picture: ... forweb.jpg.

This hog was shot with the pictured carbine which was built by my son for his employer. Two 55 grain FMJs behind the right ear, which produced no visible blood or obvious wounds on the entry (near) side. From what I'm told, the off-side was a mess.

All of that said, when I went hog-hunting, I took along an M1A. I'm too lazy to fire twice at the same hog. :mrgreen:
Woah - that looks like an ASSAULT RIFLE! NOBODY hunts with an ASSAULT RIFLE! Those are only used for hunting PEOPLE! :evil2:

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