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by NewGunGuy3
Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:55 pm
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Topic: Another Meme Thread
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Re: Another Meme Thread

I never understood using "Front".
You know some Dim Bulb is gonna ask which side is the front.

"This Side" would be clearer. No? :confused5

Maybe because it's two sentences? -- Front. Toward enemy. And the instructions say to point the front of the mine towards the enemy. So they have to specify which side is front and what to do with it. Maybe (probably) I'm wrong. Another example of government clarity and transparency in all it does, in this case writing instructions for the uh. . . . . simplest . . . . to follow? And of course the manufacturer wanted to cut costs by not spending the money on material to fill a "." on the mine.

I don't know, I'll go back to lurking in the shadows. But yes, the other option would be cleared too.

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