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by rbwhatever1
Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:32 am
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Topic: Sore Hands?
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Re: Sore Hands?

Shooting more will help. Exercising with one of those small plastic footballs constantly will help build up hand muscles as well. At one time it was difficult for me to cock a Single Action .44 with my left hand and shoot it because it was something my left hand never did. About 3 months of constant manipulation of the plastic football in applying the same motion as cocking the .44 and shooting it every few days is helping me. My left hand is now almost as good as my right and I can empty both .44's a bit more smoothly without drastic delay's in alternating firing. The pain has subsided considerably as well. I will continue using the football until my left hand matches my right.

If nothing else, this may be a good excuse to buy a small plastic football with a pair of matching 44's....

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