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by rbwhatever1
Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:44 am
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Topic: The problem with the potential "bump fire" ban
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Re: The problem with the potential "bump fire" ban

Banning this piece of plastic will surely put an end to all the actions of Evil. Just imagine. No more Evil on the planet from legislating away this one little piece of plastic. How about legislating away the morons in the Politburo Media and Washington...

SlideFire has temporarily stopped shipping their little piece of pricey plastic. While I personally think these devices are not accurate, a big waste of ammo and one can probably get off the same rate of fire more accurately by pulling the trigger without it, I have signed up to be notified if/when they start shipping them again. I'm going to buy 7 just because. I hope their sales go through the roof and they can all retire in 2 years. Nice stocking stuffer for my kids.

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