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by kg5ie
Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:29 am
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Topic: LTC-100 and Digital Signing
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Re: LTC-100 and Digital Signing

jmorris wrote:
twomillenium wrote:I have my students fill their portion of the LTC100 with signature and proper date of class by hand. Then I make copies and they do not receive their LTC100 until the have passed the class session and the proficiency shooting. I have scanned and sent a pdf file to a student who had a legitimate need for that assistance.
I do basically the same. I just found it funny that the latest form is set up for all digital signatures but it's impossible for the student to digitally sign it. Unfortunately a form cannot be set up to be only partially password protected. It is possible to use a script to protect individual fields.

You are attempting to induce logic into a government process and form. :nono:

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