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by twomillenium
Sun Jun 14, 2015 8:12 am
Forum: 2015 Legislative Session
Topic: Police, lawyers decry 'unknowns' of open carry law
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Re: Police, lawyers decry 'unknowns' of open carry law

E.Marquez wrote:Every time I read one of these stories or a post that mentioned them I keep thinking.. What changed?
On the last day of one month the safest, most law abiding demographic in Texas have a legally obtained carried on the inside of a lightweight summer shirt. the next day, that shirt will be tucked in.. SAME most law abiding demographic in Texas.. same gun, heck for me it will be the same holster as I mostly carry OWB now.

How does shirt tucked in vs not tucked in change the danger to police? to the average Texan?
(Yes I know, it does not, and most here understand that...)
Exactly!! I do not expect to OC (I have learned, never say never). I personally think that anyone OC'n will make themselves more of a target for the bad guy than the guy CC'n. However, I think that percentage will almost be negligible.
Looking at the link provided by the OP, it states that "Texas is not Oklahoma". I think the more accurate statement in belief, unfortunately, would be "Austin is not Texas".

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