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by twomillenium
Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:44 am
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Topic: QUALS FOR LEOSA for retired military
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Re: QUALS FOR LEOSA for retired military

I had an LEO who was attending class with his wife and decided to go ahead and get his CHL (at the time) He told me that he did not have to shoot for me because of his shooting requirement on the job. I gave him a CHL -100 and voided the shooting part. Later, he called and said due to the paperwork and hoops that it seemed he had to go through, it would have been much easier and quicker to shoot for me. We met and he passed I gave him a new CHL-100 with the updated shooting proficiency filled out and dated.
Last week the same issue came up, I told him what had happened a few years earlier and that I was not sure if things had changed. He said that he was not sure either but shooting 50 rounds with me and being done would be the thing to do. Especially since he was not going anywhere until his wife was done.

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