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by twomillenium
Wed Aug 07, 2019 9:53 pm
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Topic: El Paso Walmart Shooting
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Re: El Paso Walmart Shooting

ScooterSissy wrote:
Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:04 pm
imkopaka wrote:
Sun Aug 04, 2019 9:26 am
RoadRunnerTR21 wrote:
Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:37 am
Is this Walmart in El Paso posted? I saw earlier where someone said the mall was but what about the Walmart?
I have never seen a Walmart post anything barring guns, however, to my knowledge ALL Walmarts in Texas sell beer and wine, and are therefore required by TABC to post blue signs. Said signs make it illegal to carry a rifle inside (or any other firearm that isn't carried under the authority of LTC). So, it was illegal for him to carry the gun he had into Walmart.
The TABC requirements are for one of two different signs. I believe Walmart falls under "establishments whose alcohol sales are 50% or less of total gross receipts. It warns that unlicensed possession of a concealed weapon is a felony."

Selling beer and wine does not disqualify LTC, unless they also post 30-60 & 30-07, unless the establishment is a 51%, making 51% or more of their sales in alcohol.
Read the whole paragraph before making such a statement. It is 51% of alcohol CONSUMED on premises.

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