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by RogueUSMC
Wed May 07, 2014 1:43 pm
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Topic: Remove bluing from gun
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Re: Remove bluing from gun

An idea that I have not tried...I have not had the desire to polish anything on my firearms but...

At one time, I had a job manufacturing plumbing tools (water meter lid keys, curb keys, etc.)

The pipe probes we dipped the handles in a plasti-dip type substance. The shafts could not be painted by OSHA code but he raw square steel would rust in a half a heartbeat. We would use a rag to apply a product called Penetrol to the steel. It was originally developed for use on boat hulls as a seealer. We would use a wire wheel to scour the steel before applying the Penetrol. ANY rust whatsoever, even the stuff you cannot see, will turn black as the Penetrol oxidizes the rust so you need to make quadrupally sure you clean it extremely well or you will have little black specks all over. The Penetrol will penetrate the pores of the metal and seal it, not just coat the surface. Once applied, there is no going back whatsoever to my knowledge. It will not damage the metal and scratches will have no effect on the corrosion protection. What it will to to a polished finish? I have no idea.

This is just my two cents that may not even be worth that much...

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