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by cb1000rider
Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:04 pm
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Topic: CHL holder killed by police in Las Vegas at a Costco
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Re: CHL holder killed by police in Las Vegas at a Costco

Lets qualify that... A 5'0", 100 lb with knife and scissors who worked at the concession stand... Who happens to have the last name of Scott managed to get herself shot...

Apparently they tried to tazer her, but it "didn't work".

5 bullets worked on Ms. Scott. One of them managed to hit one of the officers on scene also.

Apparently after the police pull and tazer and that fails, they're not allowed to switch to another non-lethal approach as it takes too much time to holster the gun that comes out with the tazer...

Here's a better article: ... at-costco/" onclick=";return false;

Sounds like a messy "justified" kill that could have been avoided... Course, we don't pay the police enough to have them taking knives away from irritated 100 lb women... And seriously, when you're managing to hit other people as part of the shoot, you're doing it wrong. You're a bigger threat than the 100 lb lady with a knife.

Another interesting point in regard to Erik Scott's, death taken from the above link:
1) The officers were cleared because Mr. Scott had a gun. Apparently that's enough. That scares the piss out of me because it gives NM PD the right to shoot any CHL on-site that might be a threat per policy.
2) Mr. Scott's pistol was still in the holster while in the ambulance. It hadn't ever been removed from the holster.
3) Mr. Scott was shot holding a cell phone in one hand and his shirt up in the other. He was given 5-6 seconds between being given orders and the shooting stopped.
4) Costco's video recording system failed during the incident. Seriously? This, above all else, is a big problem for me.

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