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by thetexan
Sun Sep 11, 2016 9:17 am
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Topic: Conceal carry
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Re: Conceal carry

[quote="Trivera"]Don't know if it's been asked but are we allowed to cc in Walmart I have yet to go to any Walmart yet[/quote

This is how you determine if you can cc or oc ANYWHERE. There's nothing special about Walmart.

No matter where you are in TEXAS....

1). Is the place you are contemplating entering one of the 13 places that are off limits by statute...

If yes then stop and don't enter.
If no then go to step two.

2). Have you been provided 30.06 or30.07 notice?

If yes then stop.
If no then you may carry.

As a note. You are relying on the wrong info to make your determination. What if someone had said "no, you can not go into Walmart"??? Then what? wouldn't carry because someone said no? What if someone says yes you can? Then you would carry?

Each licensee needs to be expertly familiar with the rules covering where you can carry as a fundamental MINIMUM of expertise on LTC.

There is only two tests for Walmart or ANY OTHER it a statutorily prohibited location and have you been NOTIFIED according to 30.06 or 30.07. I'm assuming you're not an employee who has been told to not carry.

I know your asking just to be sure and that's fine...there are no stupid questions and it's better to ask than wonder. But don't neglect self study of the rules so you can carry with confidence.


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