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by Texsquatch
Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:56 am
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Topic: How to Handle Student's Failed Proficient Test
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Re: How to Handle Student's Failed Proficient Test

BCGlocker wrote:
zimmerdesignz wrote:
RossA wrote:Never had a student fail the test. If they fail to pass such an easy test, they will really be dangerous with a gun.
I'm not an instructor but I agree. During my test, there were some real "special people". Lets just say know gun safety, don't look down the barrel at a jam. Don't buy a new gun you have never shot and are unfamiliar with and head off to the test.
One of my closest friend, a fellow LTC instructor, told me he started to wear his Kevlar vest with big red lettering "Instructor" on it when he teaches LTC Classes. He told me in two years of teaching, he had two loaded gun pointed at him already. As he stated: “Would it be ironic, after 30 years in the Army, retired as a lieutenant colonel, having kicking down doors, jump out of planes and helicopters and get killed at a LTC class I was teaching?" is it really that bad (I am a new LTC instructor getting ready to teach my first class)?
Sorry, I found this funny. Were the big red letters necessary? I think the Kevlar vest was good move, but would they need further clarification that he was an instructor and not to be shot at?

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