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by pbandjelly
Mon Jun 18, 2007 3:49 pm
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Topic: self defense against stun guns/pepper spray
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97Octane wrote:"Fear of Life".

If you are a female, in a dark parking lot at 2:00AM and are approached by two thugs mouthing off and attempt to pepper spray you? Defend yourself, because you can only anticipate the worst if they get you down on the ground and do something worse to you. This is fear of life, and the police who eventually arrive on scene will be able to see why. You have at times reason to believe that your life was in danger.
ah, yes, the ol' F o L thing. never get tired of that one!
anyway, the point, and key, is "totality of circumstances."
my CHL instructor used that phrase more than once. He was a genius. maybe still is, I dunno.
anyway, using the examples of guys driving by, or alone in an alley, that's apples and oranges. the only common denominator is the Peppa Spray. you have to include all of the details in your "defense from prosecution," as the case may be.
dude walks up to me and tries using a stun gun on me, I may be inclined to kick him squaw in the bait'n tackle.
or use my own Peppa Spray. something to think about too.
ya'll got yer OC on ya, don'tcha?

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