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by frankie_the_yankee
Sat May 12, 2007 9:58 pm
Forum: 2007 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: "Drop-Dead" date for many bills
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stevie_d_64 wrote:Oh, I just remembered about the parking lot bill(s)...

Did one get to the floor??? Or at least on the calendar to get a chance on a vote???

Man, I am going to be slightly miffed if this effort died...

I've seen the discussion on SB534??? This one would be nice to see signed...Actually any one of them would have been good, even the one where I didn't like the provision to have to notify my employer about this...

I actually am of the opinion that my employer is too stupid to care about this...And I am ok with stupid... ;-)
SB534 passed the Senate and went to the House. That means it is still alive. (Note: This is the one with the employer notification provision.)

It passed out of the LE Committee, and one other committee (not sure which). Now it is in Calendars where it has been sitting for about a month.

Rep. Woolley, the committee chair, doesn't seem too inclined to bring it to the floor. I've been calling and emailing reps, including Woolley, my own rep. (Cook), and others for the last few weeks. Today, I emailed Craddick and Gov. Perry.

We need to make all the noise we can about this one. The business interests are lined up against us, along with a few misguided Libertarian types who take a "purist" stand on private property rights. (Too bad they don't seem to care so much about MY private property - my vehicle.)

I'm not knocking Libertarians here. I usually agree with them. But "pure" Libertarianism can sometimes go down like "pure" vodka. Sometimes it's better if you mix it with something.

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