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by Glockster
Sun Jun 14, 2015 6:20 pm
Forum: 2015 Legislative Session
Topic: Police, lawyers decry 'unknowns' of open carry law
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Re: Police, lawyers decry 'unknowns' of open carry law

chasfm11 wrote:What I find fascinating is that in New Hampshire, they have been having the exact opposite debate. In the past in NH, you could openly carry a handgun but needed a license to conceal it. One of my managers (while I was still working) carried a handgun while he was hunting and decided to get a CCW so that he wasn't illegal if his coat accidentally covered it.

Some of the PDs there have said that things will be more dangerous because of CC. Some of the chiefs apparently would prefer citizens have their guns visible. I do understand that this discussion involves unlicensed CC where Texas is about licensed OC. But is certainly ironic that Texas chiefs are on a different side of the same coin than the chiefs in NH. ... id/635823/

Of course, Vermont next door has had the same laws for a long time that NH was trying to pass. Somehow, people become more dangerous when they cross that State line. :evil2:

That's me when I lived in Virginia. Open carried all the time until there were a few incidents in the news about accidental CC and police problems, so got my CHPS to ensure that I was covered anyway I chose to carry. Here it will be sort of the same, but will likely carry CC nearly all the time, but won't worry if my shirt comes up.

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