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by mr1337
Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:43 am
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Topic: 30.06/30.07 Cleanup/Ideas
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Re: 30.06/30.07 Cleanup/Ideas

tomtexan wrote:I would like to see the legislature do away with the verbal notice of 30.06 and or 30.07. If they don't want you in their establishment then they MUST post the signs. That way you know ahead of time whether or not you choose to enter the business.

This happened to me back during the summer, where I entered a store (no signs posted) and was told by the clerk I could not carry (I was open carrying) in the store. As it turned out, it was his personal agenda and not the policy (I did some research) of the store and it's owners. I discovered with some research that he was a convicted felon for drug, assault and weapons charges, and I believe he was just jealous that he couldn't own or possess a firearm due to his past criminal history.

So, to sum it up, NO verbal notice, a business MUST POST SIGNS because the clerk behind the counter may think or seem like he or she has the authority, when he or she really doesn't.
Not gonna happen, nor do I think it should happen. Someone in control of a property can and should be able to ask someone to leave for any reason (other than protected classes like race, sex, gender, religion, etc.).

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