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by SassedandLoaded
Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:48 am
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Topic: As if choosing a holster wasnt hard enough...
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Re: As if choosing a holster wasnt hard enough...

I carry the p238 gun every single day.
I have two methods of concealment (after going through countless holsters).

The first, for pants/skirts is the "In the Waistband Holster by the Well Armed Woman: ... nd-by-twaw" onclick=";return false;
I CANNOT recommend this holster enough. Not only does it come in a BUNCH of awesome colors, its very comfortable and specifically made for woman's body. You can also adjust the cant. Pretty sweet.

The second, for dresses and tight shirts is the Femme Fatale Corset Holster:" onclick=";return false;
While this is deep concealment, and you will not get the same ease of draw, it is SUPER comfortable (and sexy), and I can completely conceal my p238 even with a tight shirt. You don't need to be blessed in the chest area either.

Let me know what you decide on! Holsters are definitely a trial/error!

The Well Armed Woman has a great collection of holsters that are specifically made for women, and I always go there to see the new styles (although you can sometimes get better prices elsewhere!).

Good luck!

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