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by RedRaiderCHL
Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:59 pm
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Topic: Feral Hogs
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Re: Feral Hogs

This post reminded me to post on here and ask...

Does anyone know anywhere within, say, 100 miles of the city of Lubbock that I could go out and shoot a feral hog? Yes, I know they are everywhere, but does anyone on the forum have land (or know someone with land) in that area that would be willing to work me with on that? I got my first rifle (a Savage .308) and Id like to take a hog with it and maybe have some help dressing it (I've only ever dressed out deer with my old man). All the places I've found charge like $300 buck a day to do what im asking.. I just want to shoot ONE. I am willing to pay for the hunt but I am also in a police academy so most of my money Is tied up in paying for the tuition for that..


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