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by LimaCharlie3
Sun Oct 16, 2016 4:14 pm
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Topic: Lubbock PD Range Closed - ND Related
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Re: Lubbock PD Range Closed - ND Related

Wow! Not a great month for Lubbock. Here in Corpus Christi I know of 3 ND's in fairly recent years. Sheriff Deputies were at the range WITHOUT a range master and some rounds went over the berm. This was apparently a common occurrence as a Rancher had complained several times of rounds hitting his roof about a mile or so away in years past. This day his teenage son was in the yard and was hit by one of the deputy's bullets. Range was closed and never reopened! The boy was ok, by the way, but imagine the wrath of a parent! More recently, a Port Authority Police Officer shot his partner with a rifle while on the range, once again, without a range master present. Sadly, he did not survive. Hitting a little closer to home, one evening on a narcotics raid, just 3 seconds out of the jump van a deputy behind me discharged a .45 round into the ground 18" from me, stating he tripped over a tree root. Lotta pants needed changing that day but interestingly enough, every bad guy in the house was already prone on the ground and really, really eager to cooperate when we came through that door. Remedial training occurred in each instance. Just to clarify, the Port Authority shooting was, other than not having an official range master on duty, Not the officers fault. His partner walked into the line of fire. Tragedy can happen from either angle.

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