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Wed Sep 18, 2019 8:41 pm
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Topic: Killeen Newspaper Poll
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Re: Killeen Newspaper Poll

Effective 1/1/16, Texas Military Department (TMD) members and any Texas LTC holder can carry concealed on TMD property. LTC holders can carry openly. ... policy.pdf

Effective 1/17/18, then Adjutant General Major General Nichols extended the policy to 1/17/20. ... rearms.pdf

As stated in the policy, it covers ONLY TMD property. For instance, there is a Reserves building on Camp Mabry in Austin. This is federal property and not covered by the policy. Nor are classified or sensitive areas. Also TMD members must follow their respective service's uniform regulations or instructions. Thus, they cannot openly carry a personal weapon.
Texas Military Department
Number 5210.01
17 January 2018
SUBJECT: Privately Owned Firearms
Reference: See enclosure
1. PURPOSE. To ensure the safety of all personnel and members of the public, who
work at, or use Texas Military Department (TMD) facilities and establish policy with
regard to Personally Owned Firearms (POFs). This directive supersedes policy
memorandum JFTX P15-08 Privately Owned Firearms, dated 1 December 2015.
2. APPLICABILITY AND SCOPE. This issuance applies to TMD employees, civilian
visitors, contractors, and service members of all other military service components while
on any TMD installation or facility.
a. Pursuant to Texas Government Code, Chapter 411, Subchapter H, anyone
issued a handgun license recognized and valid in the State of Texas may possess a
handgun on their person or in a properly secured vehicle while on TMD installations or
facilities. This authorization encompasses all buildings and property under the control
of the TMD.

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