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by abom2
Tue Dec 25, 2018 2:11 pm
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Topic: Asking for prayers please
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Re: Asking for prayers please

I wonder if there is a Stomach/Intestinal Virus running around. Was woken up at 10 PM Thurs. night with the urgent need. Spent the next 8-9 hours not daring to venture more than 10 ft from the toilet. Very uncomfortable internals and a low grade fever. This persisted into Saturday evening. The urgent trips were less frequent after the initial onset. This I believe is due to being completely void.

Water I could stomach and drank as much as possible but still showed signs of dehydration. Luckily my current job allowed for my wife to drive me to the different facilities I needed to inspect and all inspections were on the ground. I was feeling dizzy in the head and out of sorts a bit and did not want to risk driving in Houston in that condition. Was somewhat of a difficult work day due to illness, keeping focused, and keeping distance from people and using a lot of hand sanitizer. Used it before I touched anything someone else may contact later.

Broke fever late Saturday night. Up 3 AM Sunday, Felt better. Was able to stomach some yogurt and water. Saltines later in the day caused quite a bit of discomfort. Even today I can only eat a small amount food. None of my regular stuff though. The smell of beef, sausage, pork, even chicken leaves stomach queasy and head a little light. I am getting better though I think. I would not want a second round of it anytime soon. Still weak and only running at 70% my normal.

I just give thanks for all that I have been blessed with.

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