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by cyphertext
Tue Nov 27, 2018 9:10 am
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Topic: Shotgun suggestions
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Re: Shotgun suggestions

For a pump, either the Remington 870 or the Mossberg 500... whichever one you like and fits the best when you bring it to your shoulder. If your budget is a little tight, take a look at the Maverick 88. Made by Mossberg, very similar to the 500. Inexpensive and can be used as a canoe paddle in a pinch!

If you want an semi-auto, I really like the Beretta A300 Outlander for a lower cost semi auto. Several years ago when they first came out, I bought one for my son, we shot a round of skeet with it, and I went back and bought myself one. Fits me well and when I shoulder it, I'm looking right along the barrel, not down onto it.

The Franchi Affinity and the Weatherby SA-O8 are two other less expensive semi auto models worth looking at.

If you want an over and under, the Beretta 686 or the Browning Citori is a good place to start.

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