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by Bitter Clinger
Wed Sep 14, 2016 5:56 pm
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Topic: Close call almost had to draw
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Re: Close call almost had to draw

EdnaBambrick wrote:My wife and I are at a lake in Wyoming.

We're parked on the boat ramp near the lake to take some early morning photos. The ramp is easily 40 yards wide and we're the only ones there for a good 15 minutes. A guy in a truck backs his boat into the lake some 20yrds over and as he goes to park in upper lot, he comes and tells us that we're in the wrong spot and then points out a sign "For boat loading and unloading only". We are embarrased, apologize and immediately get in our car and move it up the road about 75 yards to where it's out of the boat loading zone.

As we're getting out of the car to go back and take a few more photos, the guy in the truck drives up, sees our plate and says "you Texans think you can do whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want".

I look him straight in the eye .............. He pauses a few seconds considering his options and as he starts to lean to grab something from under the seat, I say "You won't get the chance to sit up straight" He stops cold, changes his position and drives off.

I always saw this as he pursued us and I would have been in the right upon seeing the weapon to have fired in self-defense. But my wife thought somehow that I was in the wrong and was provoking him.

Forget about the Texas pride and brotherhood but if you ask me the guy would have had it coming to him had he pulled.

What do the rest of you cowboys think?
The guy sounds like a self righteous fool. He will get his sooner or later. Hopefully he was so torqued up that he forgot his bilge plug "rlol"

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