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by Bitter Clinger
Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:32 am
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Topic: M&P 2.0 pistols (particularly the compact)
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Re: M&P 2.0 pistols (particularly the compact)

GeekwithaGun wrote:
Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:21 am
I picked up my new 2.0 M&P 9C last Thursday, cleaned it and took it to the range on Friday after work. I put 320 rounds through it from different manufacturers 115gr and 124gr FMJ and 70 speer gold dot 124gr +p with zero issues (except the guy pressing the trigger).

Sunday I took a shooting class and put another 600-700 rounds through it with zero issues (except for guy pressing the trigger). Once I got my issues worked out, the gun was fantastic. Much better than the old model and without the APEX trigger. The instructor had one as well and put the APEX duty kit in it and allowed me to take a few shots to see the difference in the triggers, it was clean and crisp.

I like that the 2.0 compact is slightly larger than the previous compact and has 15 rounds in the magazines instead of 10-12 and has a 4 inch barrel which is 1/4 inch shorter than the 1.0 full size. All in all I am pleased and would recommend this pistol (not that my recommendation means much :mrgreen: )

May I ask you to share with us what class you took and your impression / opinion of the instructor and his curriculum? Thanks!!

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