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by Outnumbered
Tue May 03, 2016 9:21 pm
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Topic: Cruz is out.
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Re: Cruz is out.

The Annoyed Man wrote:In (perversely) positive news, Sanders beat Clinton 53% to 47%. I don't know what that does to the total democrat delegate count, but if God shows us mercy, Sanders will take the nomination, and Trump will beat the snot out of Sanders. Then we can have president Trump, and I can say "I TOLD you all what it would be like, and why I preferred Cruz to Trump!"

As of right now, we've got about 8 months to enjoy what's left of our Constitution; then we're hosed.

Do you think it will be easier for Trump to beat Sanders than to beat Clinton? RCP shows that Trump's numbers are worse against Sanders than against Clinton. ... -5565.html

Are you thinking folks will come to their senses when they realize Sanders is a socialist? I'm not so optimistic about the American voter's wisdom. They voted for O. Twice!

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