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Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:28 am
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Topic: Trump Wins!
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Re: Trump Wins!

Papa_Tiger wrote:
LucasMcCain wrote:I've had the same thought. I keep hearing about how nasty all the liberals are being. I've had a few people try to argue "the conservatives would have been just as bad had Hillary won." The problem with that argument is Obama. We were super upset about him being elected. Where were the riots? Where was the massive wave of hateful vitriol across all forms of media? Where were the protest marches?
Apparently you never visited the comments section of any political article in the past 4-8 years. There has been plenty of vitriol from the "right", including calling President Obama many horrible names and horrible allegations. Maybe the outpouring hasn't been as much on Twitter or Facebook or other social media venues, but the hate, vitriol and venom have been there for YEARS.
I don't recall any riots over either of Obama's election wins. I don't think there would be any had Hillary won either.

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