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by treadlightly
Thu May 18, 2017 9:22 pm
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Topic: Sold Tippmann Boss sewing machine (Houston)
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Re: wts or wtt Tippmann Boss sewing machine (Houston)

Handy things, sewing machines, not just for lace and finery. A couple of years back I used my hand stitch sailmaker's awl to make some custom tiedown straps for my bike. To test the strength of my stitching I made a loop out of a couple of feet of strap and hooked the foot to the lifting fixture on one of those dangerous I-beam truck jacks.

Note to the unwary - if you manage to load a cargo strap to the breaking point, be prepared for an explosive release of energy. Explosive, as in you could lose an arm. Eye protection is a good idea, except if your eyes are where they need protection in such an event, your Mr. Wizard safety glasses may not be much help.

I arranged the jack horizontally and didn't try to break the strap. I just wanted to see if the stitching would give.

Most cargo straps you see in the store are probably stitched with 15 pound test thread. I used 100 pound braided fishing line.

My stitching is ugly but didn't give at all. Made me want to get a sailmaker's or a leather sewing machine, but then I saw the prices. A little out of my budget at the moment.

Machine stitching, by the way, is like a chain of old-timey Christmas lights. If one stitch fails the whole series can pull loose. Something to think about the next time you hit a bump, towing the family hog on a trailer. That dream machine is literally hanging by a thread. A 15 pound test thread.

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