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by NotRPB
Mon Jun 01, 2015 1:15 pm
Forum: 2015 Legislative Session
Topic: Is this a record for views in 15 days?
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Re: Is this a record for views in 15 days?

Lots of people interested in more INFO, and this is the best source of correct information

I tweeted the link to that thread a time or two, I have over 10,700 followers who followed 1 at a time on GunRights and Protecting Life tweets over the years since 2011 #TxLege Legislative session, I never "bought followers"

(One TV News scroll advised "LEGAL GUNOWNERS CAN NOW TAKE GUNS ON CAMPUS IN TEXAS" that's so wrong and will get people in trouble...) Another News station neglected to mention any license is required ... <sigh>

Charles, thank you, (and Alice Tripp) for all you and Alice do,

@agtripp on Twitter if you don't follow her yet" onclick=";return false;

One of your newest members may be a lawyer friend from San Saba who may get a CHL soon :mrgreen:

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