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by yakadoo
Mon May 20, 2019 10:18 am
Forum: 2019 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: Post Mortem
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Re: Post Mortem

If I understand the legislative schedule correctly, multiple bills which would benefit gun owners still have a chance at final passage or have already been sent to the governor, in addition to HB 302:

HB 121 provides that immediate departure from signed property upon oral 30.06/30.07 notice is a defense to prosecution.

HB 1177 allows unlicensed handgun carry during emergencies and/or evacuations.

HB 1791 expands the prohibition on governmental notice of handgun carry prohibition to include 30.07 and any statement or implication that carry is prohibited, whether as a sign, oral notice, or otherwise.

HB 2286 decriminalizes suppressors.

HB 2363 requires DFPS to permit storage of firearms and ammunition in the same locked container by foster homes.

HB 3016 allows holstered open carry in motor vehicles by LTC holders off of one's person.

HB 3231 prohibits municipalities and counties from regulating the sale of firearms and certain other weapons.

SB 117 clarifies that "school means an accredited primary or secondary school", adds "postsecondary" in front of "educational institution" and limits the combined term's definition to colleges and universities, and also specifies that a prohibited "school-sponsored activity" must take place on property owned by and under control of the school.

SB 741 prohibits HOAs from restricting the possession, transportation, or storage of firearms or ammunition.

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