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by txinvestigator
Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:52 pm
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Topic: Range Report: Defensive Practice with S&W Model 10 4&
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Very interesting. I recently did some training for a guy who needed several different Texas licenses. This guy has worked for Steel Corp in Iraq, is former Marine and worked a high profile Washington VIP protection gig. The Texas courses were a breeze for him.

Since it had been a while since he shot, he asked me to run him through one of his old "high speed" qualifications. It was a difficult course requiring very fast shots from the holster.

As is common, he wanted to see the instructor shoot. In bad form, I only had my S&W model 10 with me in my range bag, so I shot it from a universal holster I never use.

I aced his course. I say that not to brag about my shooting, but as a testament to the good ol' revolver. I would never feel under-gunned with a revolver as opposed to a semi-auto.

I really want to find a good S&W .41.

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