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by allisji
Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:02 pm
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Topic: More proof that the eye test works flawlessly
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Re: More proof that the eye test works flawlessly

While it can be easy to look at pictures and mugshots and suggest that someone looks wacky, I don't think that it's as simple as saying that you would never sell someone a gun based on whether or not you perceive them to look crazy or unstable.

I don't work at a gun shop, I'm not a firearms dealer and I haven't ever posted a gun for sale in any public way. But I would think that if you are in that business that you would try to talk to someone about what is the gun for, how much do you shoot, how/when did you get into shooting, etc. I'd guess that working at a gun store that you easily could see dozens of customers a day who are unfamiliar, look different from the typical customer, and maybe throw up some red flags until you get them talking about guns and then they just turn into another gun/shooting enthusiast, hunter, or whatever the case may be.

I know that we've heard stories about people who have been turned denied a gun sale because the clerk "didn't get a good feeling" about the person, and I'm sure that happens fairly regularly, however I'd guess that most people who may initially not pass the eye test end up being just fine after they are able to make a talk about why they are interested in buying the gun.

That said, I'm interested in the process for a gun store clerk, etc, to deny someone based on "bad feelings" about that person. I would assume that the easy way would be that you run the background check, and come back and say that they were denied or that you say that the NICS system is down. Or do you just say "Sorry but I'm not going to sell you the gun."

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