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Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:46 pm
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Topic: Mrs. VolTexan...Part 2
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Re: Mrs. VolTexan...Part 2

Vol Texan wrote:My wife had two stories involving her EDC this week - so that's why I named these Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 is found here.

About a week ago, my wife got pulled over in Spring Valley Village - which is one of the 6 or so micro-cities along 1-10 between 610 and Beltway 8 in Harris County.

She was returning home from a business trip to Louisiana, and had stopped to drop off one of her employees at her home, and was driving down Bingle Road toward I-10 for the last leg home. Because of the long drive, she had her handgun in her Remora holster, in the driver's door pocket for the ride.

She was pulled over for one burned out headlight. She rolled down her window, turned on the inside lights, and presented both licenses to the officer out the window as he approached.

He asked if she had her gun, and she said, "Yes". He asked where, and she told him it was in the pocket of the driver's door. He asked if she minded if he took it, and she said, "Sure, go ahead...would you like to open the door yourself and take it?", while she kept her hands away.

He did that - he opened her door, took the gun, and closed her door back. He came back again in a moment with a warning only for her. She mentioned that she was surprised that the light was off -she'd just made a long trip and had seen both lights on as reflections off the bumpers in front of her. He walked back up front again - and now the light was on again. They agreed there must be a short somewhere, and she'd get it checked out.

He brought the gun back, put in in the pocket again, and everything was over. He apologized for the inconvenience of disarming her, but he, "Wanted to go home safe tonight," and thanked her for being agreeable to being disarmed.

Her thoughts...he was very young, and may not be comfortable with LTC holders just yet. Overall, it was a good stop, and she made it home safely - with both headlights still on when she arrived.
I'm sure that you must have confirmed that all high-beams and low-beams were working... That's very strange to get pulled over for a headlight being out when no headlights were out. Did he issue her a written warning or just verbal?

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