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by TreyNTX69
Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:56 am
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Topic: New California AWB passes into law.
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Re: New California AWB passes into law.

The Annoyed Man wrote:
Pawpaw wrote:
puma guy wrote:This makes all semi-auto rifles such as the 742 Remington, Model 100 Winchester, Browning BAR illegal as well as many others. I can't imagine this will not be defeated when challenged in courts.
Don't forget it will have to go through the 9th Circus Court who will rule the law is constitutional because, "ice cream has no bones".
And like I pointed out earlier in this thread, SCOTUS declined to take up the Illinois AWB case, even with Scalia still alive and on the bench. What makes you think they would take up this case?
The only hope is that there are enough conservatives to block the bills from leaving committee, or to filibuster or create some kind of delays to prevent the vote, like maybe making sure they don't make it to the calendar or some such. I'm not familiar with the legislative process in California at all, but this is disgusting. Even though I live in TX and not CA, I pray this doesn't pass by some miracle.

As others have stated, if I were in CA, I'd be leaving and considering moving into Nevada and opening up a business to store and service these arms for the Californians who are in danger of losing them (or looking into that possibility... I've no idea if that would provide a legal option for our friends in CA or not).

If this passes... the next dangerous and extremely terrifying possibility would be collection of all the now illegal arms and the newly-created "criminals" this law would instantly create of otherwise and previously law-abiding citizens.

A very unfortunate situation. We all have to remember, this can happen anywhere... we all have to stay vigilant and involved in the legislative process no matter where we are. Thanks for posting this unfortunate news. I'm very sorry (and angry) to see this happen anywhere.

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